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Electronic Fire Alarms

Electronic fire alarms (EFA) systems have an important place in security technology. During a fire, mere minutes or seconds are often critical in the extent of property damage or loss of human life. Therefore only quick delivery of information from the electronic fire alarm (EFA) system and timely intervention of firefighters are a pre-requisite to extinguishing a fire from the beginning!!! The main function of the system is fire detection in its initial stage, when it is easier to stop the fire and prevent the threats to life and personal health and major property damage.
Fire safety and building examination standards will determine whether installation of electronic anti-fire protection EFA systems, in addition to standard anti-fire measures (emergency exits, fire extinguishers, venting, emergency stairways), is necessary in a particular building. Buildings where a fire safety report calls for the installation of an EFA system have a higher risk of fire and threat to persons. In such an event it is necessary to equip the building with an independent EFA control panel, including alarm output to the Fire Department or to a site with 24-hour service. In easier instances (connection to the Fire Department is not required) fire call points can be connected to the existing ESA system, decreasing the financial burdens on the system.

Only a comprehensive and quality designed building fire security system is able to fulfill its task for many years and to fully guarantee the protection of property and the safety of persons.

EFA system equipment is able to perform reliably 24 hours a day, to actively detect a starting fire and to immediately transmit this information to the watch service or the nearest Fire Department. We offer a complete professional solution for fire detection systems, gas leak detection, firefighting equipment, (home) emergency sound and related complementary range.

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