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Electronic Security Alarms

It is necessary to dedicate sufficient attention to electronic security alarm systems (ESA), both in new buildings as well as in existing spaces. Systems have a significant preventive effect and if a break-in does occur, they immediately send a report to a qualified location. An ESA is most effective when is used in combination with mechanical security devices (bars, doors, locks). The system's principle is simple: ESA detectors create a plastic and spatial building protection (windows, doors, rooms). The control center continuously monitors the condition of individual detectors, and based on their impulses, activates a chain of output reactions (sirens, text messages, etc.). Constant technological improvements and price reductions are making it possible to make greater use of these systems in practice.

Our company takes care of the professional installation and launching of systems, and warranty and post-warranty service. The center has all necessary technical equipment for installation in all types of buildings. Deliveries are comprehensive, from technical preparation, to the actual installation, launching operation, training of individual users and subsequent technical support.

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Outdoor siren : yes
Alarm transmission via voice device ano
Alarm transmission to ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre) ano

  • System design
  • Accompanying projects
  • Delivery and installation of technology
  • Regular semi-annual and annual inspections
  • Periodic reviews
  • Maintenance at the investor's request
  • Post-warranty service
  • Rebuilding and reconstruction of inadequate systems
  • Control panels ESA
  • Autonomous wireless systems
  • Detectors and connections