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Our company provides a full range of Siemens telecommunication systems and from IPEX company. A new series of Siemens products, HiPath, as an open architecture for business communication provides a better and more effective solution of business communication procedures. The HiPath IP solution enables, on the one hand, the connection of both separated communication platforms - the telephone infrastructure and data structure of a business network - and the use of the advantages of both, previously separated, parts. On the other hand, the HiPath IP solution makes it possible to use the data infrastructure of a business for data implementation only on an IP platform. The convergence allows a more effective and fast control of business communication procedures, and brings cost savings in network administration and overall business communication. 

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IP technology is a fairly new technology. In principle it is telephoning via Internet. The biggest benefit of IP calls is reduction of your operating costs saving you considerable amount on your phone bill as well as surprisingly low initial investment by using existing corporate phone exchange and internet connection. VOIPEX is the key solution of company’s IPEX. This solution integrates communication services with information systems. Communication server (telephone exchange) integrates fixed and mobile voice services and adds a number of communication channels SMS, fax, instant messaging etc. You can make calls from a landline to all mobile operator networks outside the network infrastructure. This technology offers very high reliability and error resistance. More information about this system is available in catalogue sheets or on website www.ipex.cz.

  • Simple installation
  • Easy cost control
  • High reliability and fault tolerance
  • Connection with IS (CRM, ERP, Groupware)
  • Connection with attendance system Aktion