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Video Camera Systems

Security camera is the most important element of whole system and this area is one of the most dynamically evolving area in security industry. Camera systems are used to monitor outdoor areas and indoor spaces. The system can be connected to various computer networks, the internet and ESA or EFA systems. Each installation is specific for its requirements based on cameras location, environment, or required display effect.
IP camera systems can effectively secure areal entrances, support warehouses security, provide transaction monitoring, realize people movement tracking, monitor public spaces and focus on crime prevention. Currently we are able to realize any order of any camera system.


  • Security guard service of property
  • Monitoring entry of vehicles, inspection of number plates
  • Observing car parks and lay-bys
  • Records from roadways, loading materials
  • Manufacturing plants, movement of persons, movement of materials


How does the solution work?

IP camera systems use a common network infrastructure for the data transmission. It is different from analog video systems, which use special cabling. Using IP camera system for security surveillance and remote monitoring allows users to monitor and record video over IP network (LAN,WAN,Internet). In network video applications are digitized video streams transferred to any place on the Internet using IP Network, allowing watching the video and it´s record from anywhere.


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black and white
digital (HDD)
analog (video recorder)

  • System design
  • Video camera testing on-site at the customer's premises
  • Equipment loans
  • Accompanying projects
  • Delivery and installation of all technology
  • Regular annual examinations and reviews of high-voltage parts
  • Maintenance at the investor's request
  • Post-warranty service
  • Rebuilding and reconstruction of older systems
  • Remote access - shots in real time are accessible from any computer connected to existing infrastructure. The shots may be saved off-site and data transfer can be done using the Internet in addition to regular computer networks. Products also enable remote administration via an IP network.
  • Solution flexibility - web cameras can be placed almost anywhere. Anywhere you can receive a phone call or text message on your mobile phone, you can also receive shots from network video.
  • Access - open or restricted access as you need. Remote access is possible from anywhere using a standard Web browser on any computer.
  • Easy to use -you can manage and view the shots remotely using a standard web browser on any PC. The shots can be recorded on the hard drive, which allows you storing and easy browsing.
  • Combination of black-and-white and color systems
  • Digital cameras with a high level of resolution and film speed
  • Swiveling video cameras with many safety features
  • Signal compression to LAN, VAN and Internet data networks
  • Digital image recording on hard disk drive
  • Insertion of security functions into the image
  • SW processing of video signals
  • Affordable high-quality technology
  • Connection to other information systems
  • Combination with other security systems