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12. 11. 2015

New version of SW Aktion.NEXT 2.0 is now available on technical support server Assist@nt

Version 2.0 has been released. The main features are support for new products - eSeries, extension of Communication server (local SQL DB), possibility to translete attendance records and hexa format of ID cards. To start the application you need .NET Framework version 4.5.1 or higher!

With version 2.0 is starting the support for new eSeries devices (eSmartReader, eReader, eBox, eRelay). For all relevant information please contact our technical support department via email helpdesk.efg.cz

In the attendance area has been added possibility of records localization. It it possible to translate salary elements, work-time models, shifts, attendance rules, calendar templates to four languages - Czech, Slovakian, English and German.

Agenda Mass shift plan allows new functions. Column Fond ration has been added. The data can be filtered according to shift or action. The user can define individual sums – possibility to summarize everything or only days with actions (events).

Identifiers are saved in hexadecimal format (parameter Internal number long)! Type Desfire is no longer need to be reduced. In the case your company use these type of cards and you are going to extend your system of eSeries products řady eSeries, it is necessary to register these cards once again!

The communication server has been modified. Now it uses local SQL DB and the communication between devices and device manager is on higher level. During the installation is required to create this local DB (Install wizzard shows you necessary steps). The support for MS Windows Server 2003 and MS Windows XP has ended, the reason is usage of Microsoft .NET Framework version 4.5.1

The tetechnology of scanning fingerprints has been modified as well. It is necessary to scan all figerprints in the case you are planning to involve our new eSeries products!

Aktion.Cloud was completely rebuilt. Initial screen shows you the communication between server and devices, fingerprints can be scanned via application, person is logined according to password etc.

For reasons of clarity and consistency of the systems was graphically separated cloud server and web application.

Mobile application has been extended of Cloud version. Mobile application communicating with Cloud server is now situated into green color.


  • German localization
  • Possibility to use @User and @Person in filters which subtitutes current logined user or person.
  • Visiting persons/vehicles has been added to Action center.
  • Support of external antipasback
  • When user defined column is deleted it is deleted from the history as well
  • Possibility to print passages in attendance reports
  • Import/Export - email notifications
  • Configuration - address duplicity is checked
  • Visitor type – possibility to print report when the visitor is created
  • Half day event planning at model Manager
  • New way of holiday counting - "Holiday equals negative saldo"
  • Modification of Statutory fond counting in Mass plan of shifts
  • Modification of breaks counting
  • Events planning - approved elements are not approved automatically
  • System element created - Statutory fond (daily)
  • Web client - possibility to approve planned event
  • Notification of low permissions at access/presence activation/deactivation
  • AXT500 - ability Record names

Bug fixes

  • Checking when AXT address point is saved, if the communication line is not used by another address point
  • Access calendars S1 fixed
  • Date counting definition for allday event and holiday at night till end-day
  • Request completion in export data file
  • Objects saving fixed
  • Web client – Visible for everyone fixed
  • Watching breaks between shifts fixed
  • External columns - saving fixed
  • AXT - Messages while editing address point fixed
  • Manual full update on KMC line fixed
  • Defining DateTo when multiday event is defining via Request
  • Export to DBF file fixed
  • Custom format at APR fixed
  • Rounding fixed (model - rounding interruption has no effect on the first and last passage)
  • Repair mask for editing days
  • Repair counting half a day at the end from Request
  • Correction calculation of the distribution after midnight when two shifts are linked
  • Salary element layout fixed
  • Selection of cells in the plan shifts fixed
  • Element counting Work overtime when limit exceeded fixed

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