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21. 04. 2016

On technical support server Assist@nt has released a new version of software Aktion.NEXT 1.2 Among the greatest new features include support for new devices Expander software attendance terminal, setting Representatives leaders, conditional deadline attendance requests, demands and constraints on applications and newly supported wireless online lock from SALTO Sallis.


Support device eXpander and control in mobile application

The address points is added support for setting another device range Eseries - the integration module Expander (EX-1 designation). Expander device is designed to extend the functionality of access systems for other options in the reporting of alarm states or control of external devices (sensors, doors, gates, etc.).

„Software" time attendance terminal

WEB thin client Aktion.NEXT has been supplemented by attendance terminal functionality. The terminal is identical with the mobile client. This feature is also available in Aktion CLOUD version.

Settings the representatives of leaders

The new feature allows to set alternates person for the duration of the absence of a manager. Alternates person has the same rights to edit and closure of attendance data as a manager.

Escrow closing date of attendance

The new eliminates possible error manager at closings, allows you to set parameters which warning calculating of attendance are important to the closure of.

Requests, claims and limitations in applications

New feature allows for wage components set so called. entitled to draw on (holidays, home office, sick day, etc.).

Help for wage components

In the configuration of the wage components is adding a new functioning as a 'Interactive help'. In the field "Help" may be supplemented by user text.

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