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08. 02. 2017

On site technical support was released a new version of SW Aktion.CLOUD for time attendance and access control system.


Security fingerprints

Security fingerprints are used for authorization of persons through eSeries readers in an offline mode. Now you can choose up to 80 fingerprints, which they will work also in case of internet power failure.

New entitlements and balance wage components

You can now set Holiday entitlement, Sick Day entitlement and monitor their current balances!

Bulk insertion of value

It enables insertion type of Holiday entitlement, Sick day entitlement, Premium money entitlement to multiple people at one jump.

Phone number in the list of persons presented in the mobile application

You can directly call a specific person from the list of presented persons (tab persons). The function is available on devices with OS Android. It will be available in next versions for iOS devices.

Fingerprint reading upgrade

Behavior of fingerprint sensor was improved by fingerprint reading. Repeated reading was limited in time and activate your fingerprint when reading a wrong finger on the sensor.

Tablet application

New application in conjunction with a tablet or a smartphone works as a mobile time attendance terminal, where employees can set arrivals and departures like that a standard card reader. The identification can be done by a 6digit input code and if the tablet is equipped with the NFC reader, also the identification card.

Business trip

According to the Labour Code (Act no. 262/2006 Coll.) to January 2017 changed the amount of compensation (diet) for business trips. In SW are set minimal amounts and are calculated automatically. For 5-12 hours business trip in the Czech Republic is 72, - CZK (SK € 4.50) for 12-18 hours 109, - CZK (SK € 6.70), and for more than 18 hours 171, - CZK ( SK € 10.30).

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