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01. 03. 2017

In May we will present a lecture at the Safe School Conference on a very actual theme, namely a security of children and people in school facilities. The conference will be held on May, 25, 2017, starting at 9 am at the National Technical Library, Balling Hall, Technická 6/2710, Prague 6 - Dejvice.

We will introduce a system providing entry points to schools and related buildings. Thanks to Aktion's features you will get an overview of who, when and where somebody came in, ensuring quick invalidation of lost or stolen identification units (proximity cards and keyfobs) and with connection to other systems operated by school.

Aktion system offers an electronic solution with a tablet, mobile and biometric reader. Using a mobile application you can monitor presence of children in an each group or class or open a main entrance or gate. The system processes child attendance and prepares data for calculation of tuition and boarding. The advantage is a clear database of parents and relatives of child. People can identify by a PIN code, card or a fingerprint. The solution allows recording of time attendance of all employees.

Learn more about Aktion system for nursery schools and children's groups here.

At the conference you can register here.

We look forward to meeting you!

EFG CZ team

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